Letters of solidarity from Colombian children to Palestinian children.

We copied here letters from Cristian, 8 years old, and Daniela, 9 years old, who live in Colombia, South America, writing to Palestinian children after having seeing the images of the bombardment of Gaza that has left many Palestinians dead, many more injured, and countless without houses.

 niños de paestinaenglisI

Children of Palestine it saddened me
to hear what happened
why did they do that
one day you all will come out ahead
we saw the disasters in videos and pictures
things destroyed and also from Palestine
Children of Palestine why won’t they leave you in peace
but one day you all will eat what we eat
we feel the pain in the deaths of your parents
This pains all of us kids
We know that you are hungry
Dear children, what happened to your family members gives us pain
and we would like to see you and play with you all
one day you will come here
I know that bad things are happening
we are sorry
And hopefully God will protect all children
Children of Palestine
your pain hurts me
because your pain hurts from here in Colombia
This child is giving you encouragement

Cristian, 11 years old

dianaenglisI want to say this to the children of Palestine
Your pain hurts me, i love you
Keep yourself safe from these bombs
I know that you have a lot of pain
I do not know who will help you
I feel a lot of pain
I wish to be with you, children of Palestine
Your dreams hurt me a lot
I know that they killed your father
And that hurts a lot
But you are not alone
Because your pain is felt
from here in Colombia
This child gives you encouragement
Daniela, 9 years old

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